IP Insurance

Through Rapid360™, our integrated service offering can provide a licensed insurance broker to help you select an IP insurance policy that might be beneficial for your IP and best suited to your specific needs.
Enforcing or defending your IP rights against infringement can often be costly. One way of preparing for possible enforcement or defence costs is to take out an IP insurance policy, which can cover the costs of legal proceedings. Not only does this provide you with cost assurances, it also makes you more bankable because IP insurance can remove risks associated with IP from your books. IP insurance policies can be tailored to suit your needs, but generally IP insurance policies will cover costs for enforcing your rights against infringers or defending infringement claims made against you. For more information, please refer to our IP Insurance Whitepaper.

Insights - IP Insurance

We outline some of the key aspects of the VHDP legislation and reasons as to why we believe this legislation could be of benefit to Australian and New Zealand maritime designers who
The boat hit the world stage in late 1970 as the ‘Laser’, and was a hit – becoming an internationally recognised sailboat class in 1974.
Mapping and aligning intangible assets (IA) through product development stages is a critical process for innovators seeking to maximise the value of their innovations.
Intellectual property (IP) insurance is essential for businesses seeking to protect their valuable IP assets. It offers several benefits...
Intellectual Property (IP) insurance is a specialised type of insurance designed to protect businesses from the financial risks associated with intellectual property disputes and litigation.
Did you know that intangible assets typically account for more than 80% of the value of most businesses?