Patent Oppositions, Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We have a strong network of experienced patent attorneys, barristers and other trusted advisors who support us when we assist clients with patent opposition proceedings.

Patent Oppositions are a demanding form of proceedings. They require a marriage of the ability to grasp the technical underpinnings of a particular patent with the legal expertise to apply the relevant principles to the situation at hand.

Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to our clients make us the trusted partner of choice for all your IP litigation and dispute resolution needs. Let us help you ensure your legal rights are safeguarded.

Insights - Patent Oppositions, Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Like with all patent systems around the world, patent claims define the monopoly conferred by a granted patent in its specific jurisdiction. The scope of...
IP insurance provides many benefits including providing an ability to afford to enforce and defend claims of IP infringement.