Competitive Intelligence

Boost your competitive advantage by identifying your competitors and market movements relevant to your IP.

Competitive Intelligence leverages our analytics know-how to identify your intellectual property (IP) and technology features, and then compare rivals’ presence in the IP and commercial arena. This means you can stay ahead of your competition, monitor competitor behaviour and also track their strategic moves.

Our services are custom developed, commercially minded, IP guided and outcome based giving you a real return on investment.

Our Competitive Intelligence is designed to help you:

  • Access insights into your IP
  • Know your competitors and how you can out-compete
  • Identify white space opportunities
  • Identify Freedom to Operate issues
  • Locate potential licensees and how to approach them
  • Strengthen your position in licensing negotiations
  • Benchmark your patent or patent portfolio against your competitors
  • Understand IP issues in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • High quality visual outputs for C-Suite level reporting

Insights - Competitive Intelligence

Mapping and aligning intangible assets (IA) through product development stages is a critical process for innovators seeking to maximise the value of their innovations.
From looking into recent patent filing activity, it is clear that this technology is developing at an extremely fast rate, expanding the limits of what is possible.
One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the rapid and accelerating commercialisation of space which has a seen a transition away from government-led projects towards private enterprise.
COVID-19 has unquestionably changed the way we live and work. For many, it has provided a moment to pause and seriously reflect on their job and career path.