Commercial IP Agreements

Our team is experienced in navigating clients through the complexities of Australian IP laws and regulations.

Our team understands IP’s vital role in business transactions and commercial relationships. We help clients draft and negotiate agreements that effectively manage and exploit their IP rights and obligations, ensuring that your interests are protected.

Whether you’re dealing with licensing agreements, commercial term sheets, technology transfer agreements, assignments or any other commercial IP arrangement, we can help you. Our legal team is experienced in navigating clients through the complexities of Australian laws and regulations.

Insights - Commercial IP Agreements

Like with all patent systems around the world, patent claims define the monopoly conferred by a granted patent in its specific jurisdiction. The scope of...
We outline some of the key aspects of the VHDP legislation and reasons as to why we believe this legislation could be of benefit to Australian and New Zealand maritime designers who
The boat hit the world stage in late 1970 as the ‘Laser’, and was a hit – becoming an internationally recognised sailboat class in 1974.
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Intellectual Property (IP) insurance is a specialised type of insurance designed to protect businesses from the financial risks associated with intellectual property disputes and litigation.
One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the rapid and accelerating commercialisation of space which has a seen a transition away from government-led projects towards private enterprise.