Design & Marketing

IIP partners with Vertex Design to design and market compelling products while giving you peace of mind that your invention is confidential, secure and protected.

Whether it’s turning a patent drawing into a rendered concept or a product design into a patent drawing, together we can help you with your end-to-end needs. Our industry-leading frameworks help clients understand the relationship between design and industry.

IIP has worked with hundreds of innovations, products and concepts, giving us a deep understanding of how these services can often be integrated with the Government Grants programme.

In collaboration with Vertex Design, IIP can help with:

  • IP Marketing Strategy
  • Licensing Programs
  • Communications 
  • Strategy Development
  • Reputation Building
  • Engaging with Stakeholders

Visit our partner Vertex Design to learn more about their discover, design, develop innovation process.

Insights - Design & Marketing

For most inventors, the patenting process is a foreign concept that is confusing, complex, and divorced from the underlying development of the technology of an invention.
Intangible assets cover a wide variety of assets, from know-how, trade secrets, confidential information, intellectual capital, data, patents...
Identifying and quantifying Intangible Assets (IA) is a common dilemma for organisations of any size, from bootstrapped start-ups to massive global enterprises.
Patent attorneys typically receive information about an invention after the invention has been made. This information is then used to prepare a patent specification in conjunction with further dialogue between the patent