IP Analytics

We can help you use data to focus your innovation strategies and make assessments in the context of the IP landscape.
IP Analytics can be used to keep your business up-to-date with developments in a technology focus area. By searching and analysing patents, designs, trademarks, brands and literature, we can provide you with useful insights to support the growth of your business. Our team explores our extensive in-house and external IP databases to:
  • Assess the patentability of your innovation
  • Identify infringement risks
  • Identify the latest trends and technological developments
  • Find hidden opportunities in an existing IP landscape
  • Identify key competitors and their areas of focus
  • Locate prior art that can invalidate or weaken your competitors’ IP
  • Locate potential licensees
  • Discover existing trade marks
Our IP Analytics offering integrates with our IP Insurance and IP Advisory services to produce competitive intelligence for our clients.

Insights - IP Analytics

Mapping and aligning intangible assets (IA) through product development stages is a critical process for innovators seeking to maximise the value of their innovations.
One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the rapid and accelerating commercialisation of space which has a seen a transition away from government-led projects towards private enterprise.
A patent provides a limited monopoly right to exclude others from performing your invention. In return for this right, the invention described in the patent is made publicly available.
Identifying and quantifying Intangible Assets (IA) is a common dilemma for organisations of any size, from bootstrapped start-ups to massive global enterprises.
Patents are filed for a number of reasons, whether it be offensive or defensive. But, at some point, there should have been a commercial decision to file a patent to protect an