Our Expertise

The team at IIP has been working with clients at the forefront of their industries for decades. We cater for all technology areas with practitioners in all major industries. Our senior patent attorneys have an average of over 25 years’ experience in IP and have won numerous awards for their client work. Our IP business advisors have successfully worked at the coalface of design and industry – integrating IP with technology development and business management.

We have expertise across a broad range of industries, and work with clients to help drive commercial success – from the world’s largest corporates to backyard inventors.

Engineering & Physics

We work across many engineering disciplines – chemical, mechanical, structural, electrical and more.

Mining & Resources

With decades of experience in mining technologies, we’ve seen it all – from IT systems, mineral processing to mining equipment.

Medical Technologies

We’re experts across medical tech, including delivery devices, optical, mechanical, electrical probes and medical services.

Renewable Energy

IIP has deep expertise in photovoltaics, general solar technologies and wind power. We’ve prepared a large number of patent applications in these fields and often defended them globally.


We have experience in technologies relating broadly to physical chemistry, nanomaterials, surface/interface chemistry, materials spectroscopy and materials characterisation.

ICT & Software

We specialise in electrical and electronic related technologies and computer related technologies including software, networking and web-based systems.

Defence Technologies

From ballistics to composite materials, the team at IIP has extensive knowledge across the full range of technologies relevant to defence and critical infrastructure. Equipped with relevant security clearances, we expertly navigate the complex regulatory frameworks and IP principles.

Space Technologies

We boast Australia’s leading specialist in the interaction of space law and IP. If you have space-related technology, we’re uniquely suited to help protect your IP.

Machine Learning & AI

With IP experts that have actual hands-on experience developing machine learning and AI technologies, we’re perfectly positioned to help protect your assets.