IP Strategy & Execution

The nature of competitive advantage is undergoing significant change. The emphasis has steadily moved from physical (tangible) assets to intangible assets.

Developing and using intangible assets – as a strategic tool – is now a key decision made at the board room level. Understanding and protecting your Intangible Assets will make your organisation or investment more bankable, desirable, and valuable. IIP cracks some of the largest and most complex challenges in IP development, by pinpointing and implementing commercially driven road maps that will create the greatest impact.

We can help you with:

  • Executive Training and Consulting
  • IP Discovery
  • IP Operating Plan Development
  • Portfolio Assessment & Optimisation
  • IP Risk Management
  • Technology and Innovation Due Diligence
  • IP & Tech Disposals and Acquisitions
  • Licensing Support
  • License Management
  • IP for Startups

Insights - IP Strategy & Execution

Mapping and aligning intangible assets (IA) through product development stages is a critical process for innovators seeking to maximise the value of their innovations.
From looking into recent patent filing activity, it is clear that this technology is developing at an extremely fast rate, expanding the limits of what is possible.
Intellectual property (IP) insurance is essential for businesses seeking to protect their valuable IP assets. It offers several benefits...
Unlike patents, trade marks, and designs which are enforced under the provisions of their respective Acts, trade secrets are not subject to their own Act.
Intellectual Property (IP) insurance is a specialised type of insurance designed to protect businesses from the financial risks associated with intellectual property disputes and litigation.
Most, if not all, organisations unknowingly develop confidential information including trade secrets. Take, for example, a courier who learns that, at a particular time of day, it is best to take a