Copyright & Dispute Resolution

Whether you’re an artist, author, musician, or any creative professional, we can assist you with copyright protection, licensing, enforcement and litigation.

Copyright disputes are becoming increasingly more prevalent with the advent of new technologies that make it easier for “content creators” to publish their own work.

We know that protecting and managing your creative works is of utmost importance, and we’re here to protect your IP rights. 

Our dedicated team of solicitors is committed to providing you with the best possible advice and tailored strategies to help you navigate the intricacies of copyright law in Australia and overseas. By working as your trusted partner, we can help you best leverage and preserve the value of your creative assets.

Insights - Copyright & Dispute Resolution

Intellectual property (IP) insurance is essential for businesses seeking to protect their valuable IP assets. It offers several benefits...
Intellectual Property (IP) insurance is a specialised type of insurance designed to protect businesses from the financial risks associated with intellectual property disputes and litigation.