We focus on your industry, your business, and your intangible assets.

Integrated IP (IIP) is a specialist IP firm built around the ethos of understanding your industry, business and intangible assets taking the time to make sure we fully understand our client’s needs. We take a holistic view of each of our client’s intangible assets, rather than focusing in on just IP. What sets us apart is we work at the coalface of design and industry – ‘integrating’ intangible assets with innovation and business management. We are a senior specialist team, who have commercialised our own innovation and look to pass on our decades of experience to drive our clients further.

With distinguished qualifications across a range of markets, including resources, defence, construction, manufacturing, education, life sciences, consumer goods, professional services, and energy & cleantech, we know your industry. We work with clients ranging from multinational corporations to SMEs and start-ups.

Our Focus

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for protecting your invention. This is why we take the time to truly understand our clients’ technology and needs so that we can provide fit-for-purpose IP solutions. These tailored solutions will help you to utilise your IP to its maximum advantage.

Our People

Our diverse team of intellectual property attorneys, lawyers, and advisors boasts extensive experience in Intellectual Property. Many have worked at principal and directorial levels within top-tier Australian and New Zealand firms, amassing years of invaluable experience, knowledge, and a proven record of client success.

Our Services

Across the lifecycle of your idea, we marry astute IP skills with commercial acumen, to help achieve the real-world success of your idea. No more disjointed and confusing IP and commercial advice – get everything in sync.

Our Operations

We don’t do cumbersome legacy software. We use cutting-edge, secure and cloud-based technologies to ensure efficient and effective client work. Our integrated accounting, invoicing and practice management systems reduce manual work and drastically simplify our operations. This simplicity ensures that traditional overheads aren’t passed onto you.

Contact us if you need help turning your ideas into valuable assets.