Transform IP into a powerful strategic tool that aligns with business decision making.

Leverage IP

Our IIP Advisory team specialise in identifying, valuing, and monetising intangible assets. We transform IP into a powerful strategic tool that aligns with business decision making.

"Did you know: We can identify competitors, licensing partners, and growth trends from patent filing data. We can translate complex IP matters to investor friendly presentations. We work with boards to develop training, trade secret and know management programs."

In today’s business landscape, the financial and strategic advantages of intellectual property (IP) play critical roles in the decision-making processes of firms. For many, robust IP protection is not just beneficial—it’s essential for survival in a competitive market.

Intangible assets are pivotal to competitive advantage and are the major drivers that moves enterprise value beyond cash flow multiples. Intangible assets drive:

  • Margins
  • Market share
  • Profit
  • Enterprise value

Intangible Assets = Intellectual Property + Intellectual Capital

Integrated IP is a leading intellectual property (IP) service provider in Australia and New Zealand. We boast a comprehensive team of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, lawyers and advisors. Our goal is to help you identify, protect, and maximise the value of your innovative ideas.

IAM Strategy 300

Matthew Yeates has been nominated by his peers and has been listed (2022,2023 & 2024) in the IAM Strategy 300 as one of the worlds leading IP strategists, a list researched and published by the London UK based IAM Magazine. Matthew offers a unique, practical, and pragmatic approach to intangible assets.