IIP has extensive experience in patent protection throughout the world. Our senior patent attorneys have helped clients globally to secure, defend and strategically utilise their patents to market-leading commercial success.

When people think of intellectual property they often think of patents. A patent is used to protect an invention that can range from revolutionary next-generation technology to a simple widget, or anywhere in between.

A patent provides a limited right to exclude others from performing, making or selling the invention protected by the patent. The protection afforded by the patent lasts for the term of the patent, which is usually up to a maximum of 20 years.

There are many different reasons to file a patent, and there is no one set way to use a patent. Ultimately, the purpose of filing a patent will depend on commercial reasons. Our integrated IP advisory services will listen to your business objectives and align those to your patent strategy.

Insights - Patents

We are proud to announce that several of our clients have so far been presented on Channel 9's Innovation Nation series.
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