IP Management

Managing your IP is not a static process. In order to maximise commercial value, you should be actively monitoring, reviewing and adjusting your IP portfolio to suit the current business circumstances. We call this process IP management.

Our services include:

  • IP Audits
  • Portfolio management
  • IP utilisation reporting
  • Commercial guidance

At IIP, we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand our clients’ commercial operations, not only in terms of what our clients are doing, but why are they doing it. This understanding of our clients’ commercial objectives enables us to integrate IP and commercial strategies through our IP Advisory team.

Insights - IP Management

We outline some of the key aspects of the VHDP legislation and reasons as to why we believe this legislation could be of benefit to Australian and New Zealand maritime designers who
Given it is possible for a space object not to be registered under the 1975 Convention, limiting the definition of a space object to one that is only ...
The boat hit the world stage in late 1970 as the ‘Laser’, and was a hit – becoming an internationally recognised sailboat class in 1974.
From looking into recent patent filing activity, it is clear that this technology is developing at an extremely fast rate, expanding the limits of what is possible.
An interpretation where the extent of the Patent Act is geographical means it would not extend into space even though Australian jurisdiction can.
Over the past few decades, the world has seen dizzying advancements in technology, none more so than the rapid and accelerating commercialisation of space.