Renewals & Maintenance

At IIP, we not only monitor crucial deadlines and assist with timely renewals but also ensure that your IP remains compliant with the evolving legal and regulatory landscape of these regions. 

We understand the significance of effectively preserving and managing assets across Australia and New Zealand. Whether you have patents, trade marks, designs or other IP rights, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your IP remains protected and compliant with the necessary renewals and maintenance requirements in both jurisdictions.

Trust in our expertise and professionalism as we partner with you, championing the preservation and enhancement of your valuable IP assets across Australia and New Zealand.

Please be cautious of unexpected letters from dubious firms proposing trade mark renewals, often at exorbitant prices. When you entrust your renewals to IIP, please rest assured that any correspondence about the renewal process will come directly from us and not through any other third parties.

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