Integrated IP (IIP) and RemSense Technologies Limited (ASX: REM) have signed a collaboration agreement to expand both companies’ capabilities and market reach.

As part of our Rapid360 program, IIP continues to expand its intangible asset capabilities through strategic alignment with key service providers. RemSense offers leading national and international engineering and innovation (EI) services to deliver safer, more efficient and more productive workplaces.

The agreement introduces IIP clients to RemSense’s comprehensive solutions. IIP and RemSense will cooperate to develop potential El solutions for IIP clients by combining our respective services, including engineering assessment and investigation, design, prototyping, capture, protection and commercialisation of intellectual property. IIP will travel along and guide the road for idea to commercialisation with intimate knowledge of the relevant IP issues and considerations, to provide to strongest and most focused advice and protection.

Integrated IP Managing Director Matthew Yeates said;

We are incredibly excited to be working with RemSense. Our IIP Advisory team continues to push the boundaries of traditional IP services, emphasising result-driven solutions with intellectual property and knowledge management at the forefront. The collaboration allows both parties to align intellectual property with engineering and innovation, creating a seamless solution that results in better quality products, better quality intellectual property protection and better value for our clients.

RemSense Managing Director and CEO, Steve Brown said;

Our engineering and technology group is RemSense’s creative engine room. The collaboration with Integrated IP provides RemSense with engineering and innovation opportunities across market sectors. Participation in the early stage development of technically engaging ideas and concepts is the perfect time for RemSense involvement. The collaboration also provides RemSense with an IP management service to support our growing business.

About RemSense:
RemSense combines new and emerging technologies to deliver safer, more efficient and more productive workplaces. Remsense is outcome-oriented, focusing on delivering projects to our client’s satisfaction. RemSense delivers services and solutions to clients in the Mining, Energy, Industrial and Utility sectors through 3 business units:

  • Engineering & Innovation
  • Data Capture & Insights
  • Virtual Plant

About IIP Group Pty Ltd / TA Integrated IP (IIP):
IIP is an intellectual property (IP) attorney and advisory firm, specialising in the management of IP, intangible assets, IP commercialisation, technology exploitation, research and development tax advice; technology marketing services; business consultancy services on IP innovation and innovation commercialisation for IP; technology transfer services and related IP risk, valuation and insurance products.