Press Release

3 February, 2021 – Perth, Australia

Integrated IP (IIP) is Australia’s newest intellectual property firm. Based in Perth, IIP is an independent firm made up of some of Australia’s leading patent attorneys and business advisers. By integrating deep IP expertise with modern operations, we’re pioneering a new generation of IP and consulting firms.

IIP offers value to clients by marrying high-calibre technical IP experts with experienced business advisers. All our patent attorneys and commercial experts have previously held principal and director level positions at tier one Australian firms, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and a track record of client success.

Our pioneering integrated approach helps clients turn their ideas, not just into registered IP, but into a commercial reality. Instead of simply receiving narrow advice, clients can now receive both technical IP advice and strategic commercialisation guidance.

This modern approach is further enabled by the use of cutting-edge, cloud-based and secure software to drive an efficient service. Not only are the back office operations nimbler, but they also represent a lower cost base than traditional IP outfits. This means clients aren’t on the receiving end of the typical costs of maintaining legacy IT software and back-office operations.

With its new and more holistic approach, and upgraded operations, IIP offers a more personal and individualised service to its clients. Every client matters, regardless of size or tenure.

“Ultimately, intangible assets are often the key drivers of enterprise value. We specialise in intangible assets and aligning the right people and business models that make them successful. The combination of big picture thinking with a senior team who specialise in the fine details is what makes us unique.” Matthew Yeates, Managing Director and Principal.