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The Rapid360™ network is a network that includes designers, commercialisation experts, financial advisors, and IP advisors, which puts the client at the centre of innovation and commercialisation.

From the view of a patent attorney, Rapid360™ helps to ensure that the product design, commercialisation strategy and finance are aligned with one another, which makes it easier to formulate a patenting strategy that provides value to the client. It also helps to provide near real-time updates on where the client is up to in each of the modules that make up the Rapid360™ process.

For example, if, during the procurement of manufacturing capabilities, it is discovered that a component needs to be manufactured in a particular way, this can result in a redesign of the component. As a patent attorney, having access to these developments in as close to real-time as possible helps to ensure that the IP strategy is developed congruently to the other commercialisation modules. It also helps to provide a richer background to the development of the invention.

More importantly, Rapid360™ pulls together the design and patenting processes to allow for a design-centric approach. The design-centric approach allows concurrent IP strategy development and design development, with lateral communication between the patent and design sides to leverage both patenting and design process to extract as much value as possible for the client. This results in a design that has its IP protected, is commercially viable, and ultimately has a greater chance of commercial success.